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49ers draft picks 2016: Rashard Robinson is SF's 4th round pick

The 49ers added more secondary depth, selecting LSU cornerback Rashard Robinson. He had some off-field concerns, but there is no denying the talent.

The San Francisco 49ers finally got on the clock in the fourth, and used their compensatory pick to select LSU cornerback Rashard Robinson. This is the second straight round the team has selected secondary help. Here's what has to say about him in their scouting report:

He might look like he skipped "leg day" for several years, but his height, speed and man-­cover talent is undeniable. Robinson has the traits and talent to be considered one of the best press corners in this draft, but teams will have to weigh the character against the talent. Look for an electric combine which could create new buzz around the former LSU Tiger. Robinson has the raw ability to become a good NFL starter who can play on an island if asked, but I am downgrading his draft grade due to his character concerns.

The 49ers have seven picks remaining, and things will pick up speed shortly. They hold the third and sixth picks of the fifth round. In the sixth round, they are picking 32, 36, and 38, so that will be another quick flood of picks, barring any trades.

Remaining picks

1. First round: DeForest Buckner, DT, Oregon
2. First round: Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford
3. Third round: Will Redmond, CB, Mississippi State
4. Fourth round: Rashard Robinson, CB, LSU
5. Fifth round: San Diego Chargers (2015 draft-day trade) - No. 3 (142)
6. Fifth round: Own pick - No. 6 (145)
7. Fifth round: Comp pick - No. 37 (174)
8. Sixth round: Denver Broncos (Vernon Davis trade) - No. 32 (207)
9. Sixth round: Comp pick - No. 36 (211)
10. Sixth round: Comp pick - No. 38 (213)
11. Seventh: Kansas City Chiefs (2016 draft-day trade) - No. 28 (249)