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2016 NFL Draft results: Kevin Hogan, Dak Prescott, Cardale Jones all come off the board

The San Francisco 49ers have avoided quarterbacks in the draft fairly regularly the last few years. This year's class has its warts, but so much so as to avoid adding any QB to try and develop?

Fooch's update: Hey, they drafted a QB!

The pickings are starting to grow thin at the quarterback position in the 2016 NFL Draft. Kevin Hogan just went to the Kansas City Chiefs, and that followed Dak Prescott to the Cowboys and Cardale Jones to the Bills. That leaves guys like Vernon Adams, Brandon Allen, Nate Sudfeld, Jeff Driskel, and Brandon Doughty still available.

This year's class had a lot of question marks coming into the draft, and the 49ers appear content to wait it out. They currently have Blaine Gabbert, Colin Kaepernick, Thad Lewis, and Dylan Thompson on their roster. I was convinced they would draft a quarterback, but they are showing no signs of actually pursuing that. They could still add someone, but at this point in the draft, we're talking deep developmental option.

I suppose we should have listened a little closer to 49ers broadcaster, and oftentimes mouth of the organization Ted Robinson. Earlier today, Bay Area Sports Guy posted that Robinson has said the 49ers think Blaine Gabbert could be a sort of Alex Smith 2.0. I suppose they could see a resurrection process out of all this.

I don't think you draft a QB just to draft a QB, but there is value in consistently adding a QB to the depth chart to develop. Even before the organization imploded, they should have been developing quarterbacks. Since drafting Colin Kaepernick in 2011, the team has drafted B.J. Daniels. He is the only QB drafted in the past four offseasons. If they don't draft a QB in the next two rounds, it will be five straight years without a quarterback.

Even if they think Blaine Gabbert is the answer in 2016, or if they think Colin Kaepernick can bounce back, they need to keep developing the position. You can never have enough good quarterbacks. It's a puzzling strategy for me.