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Anthony Davis tweets, deletes comment after 49ers 3rd OL pick

I think we can say retired San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis has taken note of the team's draft picks. He might say the tweet is not about football, but I think we all know what's going on.

The 49ers just selected their third offensive lineman of the 2016 NFL Draft, and Davis had this to say. I've screenshot'd it since he has a habit of deleting tweets (and has since deleted it). Davis had said he would un-retire this year, but recently has tweeted what appear to be issues with the front office. He said Trent was giving him a headache, and later said he did not want to play for someone who did not want to win as bad as he did. Then he tweeted and deleted criticisms of the 49ers medical staff. Not exactly signs of someone aching to re-join his former team.

The 49ers three picks actually would not necessarily get in the way of a Davis return. John Theus is the most likely to compete for a starting tackle role, but even he is a guy some think might end up moving inside to guard. But for now, it would seem like Theus, Trenton Brown, and Erik Pears are among those who will compete for right tackle work.

And in the meantime, Anthony Davis remains on the outside looking in.