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Vernon Adams to get tryout at Seahawks rookie minicamp

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The talked about prospect gets a shot with the Seahawks, but it is only a tryout for now.

The saga of Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams has not yet come to a close, but it has a new destination. Adams was not drafted, and did not sign anywhere as an undrafted free agent. Instead, he has accepted an invitation by the Seattle Seahawks to attend their rookie minicamp, according to NFL Network reporter Rand Getlin. He is not under contract, but instead is getting tryout with hopes of earning a contract for the rest of the offseason and training camp.

Adams has been a hot name for 49ers fans, and for a lot of other fans. He made some big plays in college, but his size seemed to cost him. While plenty of us are intrigued by him, it's very clear that NFL teams just did not like him enough to even justify a small signing bonus.

Some have said, well, Chip Kelly not signing him should tell us something. In reality, 32 teams passing on him through the draft AND through undrafted free agency tells us something. Unfortunately, we don't yet know what that is. Shorter quarterbacks do not find a lot of success in the NFL. Some have, and people will point to them as examples, but they are still outliers. I hope Adams is able to find success in the NFL, but he faces long odds.