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Jarryd Hayne arrives in Santa Clara for 49ers offseason workout program

And the Australian media follows!

The San Francisco 49ers opened their offseason workout program Monday morning, and pictures are slowly starting to roll in of players returning to the facility. Naturally, Australian media has the first photo of Hayne at the program. One of their journalists shot this picture and tweeted it out:

The first year in the NFL is always important, but it was especially so for Hayne given that he had never played the game previously. And now, he gets an offseason to learn Chip Kelly's offense, and figure out just how he might fit in. There are going to be numerous storylines to follow, and this one will be high on the list.

Last year, Hayne was a curiosity. Now that we know he can handle himself to a certain extent, it is time to see what kind of leap he can take in year two. I'm not expecting him to turn into the next great thing, particularly in his second season, but given the opportunities Hayne might be afforded in Kelly's offense, it is going to be fascinating to watch.