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49ers, Titans discussed trade for No. 1 pick

The San Francisco 49ers will make one or more trades in the 2016 NFL Draft. I highly doubt this is one of them.

The NFL Draft rumor season is likely at its peak right now, and we've got another good one to add to the mix. Jason Cole is reporting that two sources told him the San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans have had "brief discussions" about a potential trade. He does not say who necessarily called who on this one, and given some of his history, you can believe what you want.

Cole reports that the two issues are the cost of moving up, and if the 49ers feel they even need to move up from No. 7 to No. 1 to get the kind of player they want. These are fairly obvious issues, but certainly things that will be in play as the 49ers try and figure out what they want to do at No. 7.

Cole suggested the team is looking at quarterbacks, and trying to decide if they need to move up to get Jared Goff or Carson Wentz. I've said that I think the 49ers will draft a quarterback, but I am doubtful it happens in the first round. But if they did want one of the two quarterbacks, they would have to at least consider a move up given the Cleveland Browns position and QB need.

The price to move up would be hefty, whatever draft value chart you want to use. EastBayNinerFan put together this draft value chart. If we were to base a trade on those numbers, the No. 1 pick is worth 3,000 points, and the No. 7 pick is worth 1,500 points. Any move to No. 1 would likely cost a second and a future No. 1. It could be maneuvered a variety of ways, but something like that would be in play. If you're convinced Goff or Wentz is the answer, maybe you do it. Or maybe even if you think there is another impact player. But I just don't see Trent Baalke giving up those kinds of assets this year.