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Aldon Smith expected to re-sign with Oakland Raiders soon

It looks like Aldon Smith will re-join the Oakland Raiders in the near future. Adam Schefter is reporting the two sides are near an agreement on a new contract. Smith is suspended until this coming November, but as a free agent, he is free to sign with any team in the meantime. He will not be paid during his suspension, but will re-join the team as soon as it ends. Smith hit free agency after signing a one-year deal with the Raiders this past fall, following his release by the San Francisco 49ers.

Smith has plenty of work to do to get his career on track, but if he can get anywhere in the ballpark of what he did before, the Raiders are going to have one heck of a pass rush. He would join Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin in creating some serious terror for opposing quarterbacks. Smith struggled at times last year to get much going, but the talent is there.

The 49ers are on their own end of things trying to figure out their long-term answers in the pass rush. Aaron Lynch is settled as one option. Ahmad Brooks is the current starter opposite him, but Eli Harold is likely viewed as a slightly more significant piece of the long-term puzzle. Marcus Rush is a guy I am most intrigued about this offseason. The 49ers could add a pass rusher in the upcoming draft, but I am really curious to see what Rush can do with another offseason.