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Jalen Ramsey clearly wants to play for the 49ers....three years ago

The San Francisco 49ers were briefly mentioned earlier today as being potentially interested in the Tennessee Titans No. 1 overall pick. I imagine that is the Titans putting information out there to develop a market, but I suppose anything is possible.

The belief is that if the 49ers were trying to move up to No. 1, they would do it to get either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz. However, if we want to play the hypothetical game, another option would be the guy many view as the best overall option in the 2016 NFL Draft: Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey is viewed by many as a likely safety, but he can play plenty of cornerback as well. I don't think the 49ers would make a trade up to No. 1 to draft Ramsey, but if he slips a little, a lot of teams would probably like to move up for him.

If the 49ers did end up with Ramsey, he might be somewhat pleased with the decision. The folks at put together a spotlight article on Ramsey, and they came across an old picture of him. Ramsey posted this when he was headed to Florida State, and it features I believe the then freshman or rising sophomore sporting what looks like a fairly new 49ers hat. Clearly it's a sign! Or clearly someone had too much time on their hands to find that!

Me and lil Brodie @aaquil_annoor fresh af lol.. #nolenation show him some love. Future FSU db. #teamba loyal

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