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Twitter to live stream Thursday Night Football this fall

The NFL announced on Tuesday that Twitter has won the rights to offer a live stream of 10 of the 16 Thursday Night Football games this fall. NBC, CBS and NFL Network will broadcast the games on TV, but for the first time, you'll be able to stream them live in a legal manner. This will cover the 10 games broadcast by NBC and CBS, but will not cover the other six on NFL Network.

Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football are all available via live stream, as well as the playoffs, and the NFL had a deal with Yahoo! last year to live stream a London game. This Twitter deal will be the first even partial season live stream independent of cable. SNF and MNF require authentication that you have an account with a cable provider.

It is going to be interesting to see exactly how this works as far as viewing the stream. Will it be shown on the NFL's official Twitter account? Will it be connected to the "Moments" portion of Twitter? Will it be something else entirely?

For those of you who do not have a Twitter account, my guess is you will be able to view it on Twitter without actually creating an account. Right now, you can go to the Niners Nation twitter account (or anybody else's account) and view my tweets. I suspect you'll be able to do that as well with the live stream if you are not inclined to start a Twitter account.

For those who have not created a Twitter account, I will say it is pretty easy as far as keeping it as simple as you want. You can set it so nobody can follow you without permission, which means you can just follow certain accounts on Twitter and never interact with anybody. Or you can follow as many people as you want, and be as interactive as possible. There are a lot of ways to use Twitter that can be valuable. Or, just check it out and depart. Whatever you want.