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Eli Harold says he has put on 20 pounds

The San Francisco 49ers offseason workout program is underway, and starts with two weeks of strength and conditioning work. Players generally keep in shape in the offseason, although I'm sure some are going to show up a little out of shape. The team likely tried to get a plan in place for each player to have them in a good position when the program starts, and even further ready when training camp begins.

Second year outside linebacker Eli Harold is among the many players on hand, and it sounds like he's added some weight to get ready for the coming season.

A year ago, Harold weighed 247 pounds at the NFL Combine. He likely put on weight between then and the season, but it appears he will be in the 265 to 270 range. That puts him up there with Aaron Lynch who came into the NFL at 249, but is up closer to 270.

The 49ers generally play with bigger outside linebackers than a lot of teams, so it makes sense they would want to see more weight on Harold. Heading into the 2015 NFL Draft, scouting reports talked about Harold's lack of size. included in his weaknesses, "Thin waist and lower body lacks mass. Shredded body -- and might struggle to add more good weight." said, "Lean and lanky build with average bulk and needs to develop his upper and lower body strength."

It remains to be seen how the added bulk will convert on the playing field, but it will be one more storyline to track over the offseason workout program, and into training camp and the preseason.