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Colin Kaepernick not willing to take current Broncos 2-year contract offer

The Denver Broncos have been reported to be looking to pay Colin Kaepernick $7 million in 2016, but Mindi Bach has added a twist to the rumors. A source has told Bach, the Broncos are offering Colin Kaepernick an annual salary of $7 million in 2016, and a $7 million salary in 2017. The source told Bach Kaepernick "made his statement" about the offer by reporting to the 49ers offseason workout program.

It is not clear exactly what this offer means for the rest of Kaepernick's contract. I presume it is a two-year deal and then Kaepernick is a free agent, but Bach tweeted that she has not heard specifics beyond 2017. This offer would be in line with what Robert Griffin III and Chase Daniel can make. This kind of offer means the Broncos think Kaepernick is comparable to those two and/or they think they have sufficient leverage to avoid over-paying. My guess is it is a little more of the former than the latter, but leverage is definitely in play.

What this now means is hard to tell. All three sides of this thing are digging in their heels. The 49ers let Kaepernick's salary become fully guaranteed. Kaepernick is at the offseason workout program. The Broncos are trying to make it seem like they will seriously consider Mark Sanchez their 2016 starter. This whole thing is crazy, but the lunacy brings a certain level of amusement.