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Mel Kiper mock draft: Pro Days pass, but 49ers still looking quarterback

I don't see quarterback happening in the first round, but Mel Kiper is convinced of it.

The 2016 NFL Draft is three weeks away, and as we wrap up Pro Days, team draft boards are likely pretty close to settled. And that means the San Francisco 49ers probably have a pretty good idea of who they want to draft at No. 7. It is easier to get a better handle on things when you have a single digit pick in the first round. It doesn't guarantee things will go exactly as you want, but you have a pretty good grasp on things.

Mel Kiper is back with his latest 2016 NFL mock draft, this one as Pro Days wrap up. He is remaining firm with his belief that the 49ers go quarterback in the first round. He has Carson Wentz going No. 2, leaving Jared Goff for the 49ers at No. 7. Here is what he has to say about the pick:

Sticking with this pick. Even if Colin Kaepernick remains at quarterback -- that feels less and less likely -- I don't know if Goff would be out of the equation here. Goff has some special traits that could help him get on the field pretty quickly if Chip Kelly can trust him with the offense.

If the rest of Kiper's top six goes as planned, I don't see this pick happening. Kiper has a bit of a surprise in the top six, with the Baltimore Ravens selecting running back Ezekiel Elliott. That leaves DeForest Buckner available to the 49ers.

The closer we get to the draft, the hotter the rumors that a team might trade up to No. 1. I don't think that happens, but the Titans certainly want that rumor out there. I do think that a team could very well climb up into the top six to get a quarterback ahead of the 49ers. I don't think the 49ers trade up, and probably would be fine with a second quarterback going in the top six. That would assure one of the bigger name defensive options slipping to them at No. 7.

Trent Baalke could surprise me, but I just don't see quarterback in the first round. Based on Kiper's mock, I think Buckner would be the pick.