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49ers assistant, scout on hand for Paxton Lynch Pro Day

The San Francisco 49ers are likely looking at a lot of quarterbacks between now and the draft. Might as well get in one more Pro Day.

The 2016 NFL Draft Pro Days are slowly coming to a close, and Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch wrapped up the big name quarterback performances. There were numerous scouts, coaches and personnel folks on hand, including representation from the San Francisco 49ers. According to Matt Barrows, senior analyst Dana Bible (hired by Chip Kelly last month) and scout Darrell Moody were on hand for the workout. This comes following a meeting at the NFL Combine.

Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are viewed as the top two quarterbacks in this year's draft close (specific order depends on who you ask), with Paxton Lynch looking like the most likely to be third off the board. Connor Cook has moved up a bit, but it still seems likely that Lynch ends up going sometime in the back half of the first round. Numerous teams have been connected to Lynch, with the Buffalo Bills sending Greg Roman down, and taking him out to dinner.

If Lynch is on the 49ers radar, they would likely either need to trade back in the first round, or move up from their second round pick. If they do not trade down in the first, the Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, and Buffalo Bills are all teams that could end up pouncing on Lynch. That's assuming none of them try and move up in the first round to get one of the bigger names.