The Kap "trolling" thread.

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Fooch's note: Racism, politics, sexism not allowed. No personal attacks, but otherwise have at it.

With the 807 posts per day that our beloved overlord Fooch has posted as of late about Kaepernick, there has been an outcry and people itching to let out some cursing.

I am here to tell you all we have heard you, and will give you an outlet.

This thread will be run like the troll threads we had for the Seahawk/Niner games. Go ahead and curse. Trolling will be allowed in a limited fashion; do NOT attack anyone personally. No racist or sexist comments please.

So go ahead and let it all out. Scream. Yell. Curse. Make fun of Alaska. I know this Kaepernick saga is on the last nerve of both those who support him (i.e. me) and those who want him gone (i.e. lots of you). I will be in now and again to make sure things don't get TOO out of hand.

And most importantly: the unicorn pic ban is lifted for this thread.

(p.s. If this thread just disappears then we will blame Semaj Ydarb.)

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