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Picture of Eli Harold after his apparent 20 pound weight gain

We learned from Eli Harold earlier this week that the outside linebacker has put on about 20 pounds this offseason. He weighed 247 pounds at the 2015 NFL Combine, but is likely closer to the 265-270 range that the 49ers seem to like from their outside linebackers.

On Wednesday, Harold posted a picture to Instagram showing himself working with some weights. It's hard to really compare it to anything as all the pictures I can find of him are in pads. But he's looking large as he continues preparations for the 2016 season. Even if the 49ers draft a pass rusher in the 2016 NFL Draft, Harold is likely going to get some significant opportunities this fall. He was viewed as a guy with serious potential. His 2015 was not exactly overwhelming, but he'll find himself with plenty of opportunities in year two.

A photo posted by M A D M A X (@eliharold_) on