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Gary Kubiak met with Colin Kaepernick as part of trade negotiation process

One would expect the head coach to meet with a quarterback the team is considering acquiring.

Colin Kaepernick has had multiple meetings with the Denver Broncos over the past few weeks, and Broncos beat writers are reporting at least one of those meetings included head coach Gary Kubiak. This is not a surprising development, but worth noting nonetheless. Kubiak is an offensive-minded head coach, so he would certainly want to get a chance to speak with Kaepernick before any deal is done.

Kubiak met with the media this morning, and he had a brief comment about meeting with Kaepernick:

San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly has said he and Kaepernick have spoken, but Kelly repeatedly says they couldn't talk about football things. The CBA does not allow for such discussions, but obviously they happen. I would be curious to know what Kelly and Kaepernick talked about vs. what Kubiak and Kaepernick talked about. Clearly Kubiak and Kaepernick would have to talk some sort of football to have a pertinent discussion.

Thankfully we have reached the point where Kaepernick and Kelly can actually talk football in Santa Clara. The on-field portion of the first two weeks of the offseason workout program allow for strength and conditioning work, but plenty of football talk happens off the field.