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49ers preseason schedule 2016: 49ers traveling to face Denver Broncos!

The NFL announced the 2016 preseason schedule. We take a look at the 49ers slate of games.

We've reached another important non-draft benchmark! The NFL announced the 2016 preseason schedule Thursday afternoon, which means we are a little closer to football, and that much closer to the announcement of the regular season schedule. Expect the regular season schedule in about two weeks. It usually happens a week or so before the Draft, which is scheduled for April 28-30.

The San Francisco 49ers preseason schedule includes three familiar faces and one new team. The 49ers face the Texans, Broncos and Chargers for the third straight season. This year's new team is the Green Bay Packers. The speculation about a Colin Kaepernick-to-Denver trade has just gotten a whole hell of a lot more amusing.

Week 1: vs. Houston Texans (August 11-15)
Week 2: @ Denver Broncos (August 18-22)
Week 3: vs. Green Bay Packers (August 25-28)
Week 4: @ San Diego Chargers (September 1-2)

Here is the full list of 49ers regular season opponents:

Home: Arizona, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, New England, NY Jets, Dallas
Away opponents: Arizona, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Carolina, Buffalo, Miami, Chicago