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Kevin Hogan says he has visits with 49ers, Raiders coming up

The San Francisco 49ers are evaluating quarterbacks far and wide ahead of the 2016 NFL Draft, and it should surprise nobody that Kevin Hogan will be getting a look. The Stanford quarterback was on SiriuxXM NFL Radio Wednesday morning, and he said he has visits planned with the 49ers and Oakland Raiders.

It is a busy pre-draft period for Hogan. He visited the Cleveland Browns earlier this week, and said in the interview he has conducted workouts with the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There have been various other reports that he has worked out for (or has workouts upcoming with) the Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons, and Detroit Lions.

Hogan had a solid career at Stanford, but there are plenty of questions about if he could transition into the NFL. He easily passes the Bill Parcells Rules for quarterbacks, but obviously the transition is about more than just those criteria. For the 49ers, it makes sense to get a full handle on what Hogan brings to the table. If the 49ers grab a QB early, it's entirely possible they draft a second one late. Given the state of the team's quarterback depth chart, the more options the better.