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Torrey Smith sums up preseason football really well

The NFL released the 2016 preseason schedule, and we are now less than five months away from sort of real football. The preseason is exciting because it means actual on-field football is back, but it is also a bit anti-climactic. The Hall of Fame game is the first NFL game since the Super Bowl, and I watch maybe a few downs. I'll watch all the 49ers preseason games, but they can be a slog (even more than last year's regular season games!).

Wide receiver Torrey Smith summed up the preseason really well:

While this is especially true for the players, I think many fans feel the same way. We'll watch to try and figure out roster cuts and where the team is headed, but with the vanilla scheming and lack of opponent game-planning, it's hard to get too excited about it.

That being said, I'll be right there with the rest of you watching 16 quarters of preseason football when August rolls around. I say 16 because god forbid we get preseason overtime football!