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Shaun Draughn doing boxing drills at 49ers offseason workout program

Over the past few years, we've seen several members of the San Francisco 49ers use boxing drills to help improve hand-eye coordination and conditioning. We learned about Anthony Davis's boxing drills in 2012, and Frank Gore's boxing drills in 2013. On game-day, we've seen video of players hitting mitts as they get ready for the game.

49ers running back Shaun Draughn posted a video Friday morning from the 49ers workout facility. It shows him hitting the camera telling people to wake up. I've posted it below.

It's just a little more of the workout stuff that is not the most exciting video in the world. But it's interesting to see that it seems fairly well integrated into the 49ers workout DNA. The team has another week or so of strictly strength and conditioning work. After that, they begin phase 2 in which all coaches are allowed on the field, and individual player instruction and drills begins. The players are already learning the playbook, but that is when they can really start implementing it.