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Flashback Friday: The 2013 draft revisited

This week's look back up to the draft takes a look at a draft that was much better than the year before it. But that's not saying much.

I really never get tired of watching prior drafts and hearing the analysts give their takes on if a player will/won't succeed, if so and so was a great pick, but turned out being awful. I find it greatly fascinating.

That of course means, we have another draft. The year is 2013. The San Francisco 49ers just got robbed lost a Super Bowl to the Baltimore Ravens, however they were still considered one of the best rosters in football. Unfortunately, the 2012 49ers were loaded with talent and there was no way the team could keep everyone under the salary cap;  Delanie Walker signed with the Tennessee Titans and Dashon Goldson left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer among other key losses.

The 49ers went into the draft with the most picks and promptly started reparing the holes left in free agency. And this is how it all went down.

By the way, I absolutely love Trent Dilfer's rundown of Vance McDonald. Regarding on how much he liked the player, "I really do, Trey, and I know the Niners do too."

Well the 49ers did draft him, so I'd hope they like him.  Part 2 is below: