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2016 NFL mock draft database: More and more consensus for Jared Goff

These are merely mock drafts, but it is interesting to see how much the media is coming to a consensus on some of these picks.

Three weeks from today, the 2016 NFL Draft will be in day three, and we'll be looking forward to who knows how many Trent Baalke trades to get 2017 picks. The 49ers have 12 picks in the upcoming draft, and nine of them are currently set for day three. We're gonna be just a little bit busy that Saturday!

In the meantime, with three weeks until the draft, now seems as good a time as any to re-assess where things stand in our review of the many mock drafts out there. Adam Stites has put together a thorough rundown of mock drafts, currently looking at 98 such drafts to assess how the media views the upcoming first round. For the San Francisco 49ers pick at No. 7, accuracy will not be simple, but we can get more than if they were picking in the back half of the first round, or really anywhere outside the top ten.

Here is how the top seven currently stand, including percentage of mocks making that pick. Any pick with less than 50 percent of the mocks lists the second pick after it as well:

1. Tennessee Titans - Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss (85.3%)
2. Cleveland Browns - Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State (64.2%)
3. San Diego Chargers - Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State (53.7%)
4. Dallas Cowboys - Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State (48.4%) - LB Myles Jack (11.6%)
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA (62.1%)
6. Baltimore Ravens - DT DeForest Buckner (32.6%) - Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame (28.4%)
7. San Francisco 49ers - Jared Goff, QB, Cal (56.8%)

The most notable change is that Oregon defensive tackle DeForest Buckner has finally climbed into the draft. In previous versions of this, Buckner never finished higher than second. This time around he has passed Notre Dame offensive tackle to become the Ravens plurality consensus pick. Buckner is a tough one to nail down given some of the other players projected in the early part of the first round. He seems like a virtual lock to go in the top ten, but we'll see what each round brings.

Jared Goff remains a strong consensus for the 49ers. Of course, a strong consensus on mock drafts still only covers 56.8 percent of them. That leaves a lot of people not seeing it. 21.5 percent of those folks are going with Carson Wentz, and the remainder are a mix of Myles Jackson, DeForest Buckner, Paxton Lynch, and others.

Here are the pie charts for the top seven picks. Just scroll your mouse (or poke with your finger on mobile) to pull out the names for each segment.

Tennessee Titans

Cleveland Browns

San Diego Chargers

Dallas Cowboys

Jacksonville Jaguars

Baltimore Ravens

San Francisco 49ers