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Golden Nuggets: Broncos may consider McCown

Your 49ers links for Saturday, April 10th 2016

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You know there are days where I want this Colin Kaepernick drama to be over with, and then there's days like Friday where I just want to know how much goofier things can get in this whole circus.

So the Denver Broncos are reportedly going after Josh McCown if the Colin Kaepernick trade doesn't work out. Mmmmkay. You'd think they'd be better served saving the draft pick and/or salary for a late 1st round pick that's not 36 years old and sit them behind Sanchez. But I'm not an NFL GM and I don't really know what the thinking process is in all of this. If you took either Sanchez or McCown I could understand, but both of them?

Look, I'm in the camp that I'm sick of hearing about this trade and just want it over with, but if we're going to get comedy gold like we did today...I may change my stance and ask that the trade talks continue indefinitely. If I get glimmers of entertainment like this, I may feel incomplete when it's all over.

Let's get to the links!

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What a horrible night to have a curse...