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Video of 49ers first week of offseason workout program

Players running around with medicine balls!

It is indeed that time of the year! The San Francisco 49ers returned for their offseason workout program on Monday, and this past week was filled with strength and conditioning work. The first two weeks allow for that, and nothing more on the field. The folks at put together some b-roll footage of the workouts, which you can watch above. You can also view pictures here.

The strength and conditioning coaches are the only coaches allowed on the field with the players for now. After two weeks we'll see regular workouts, but for now, we've got this video of players running around, working with medicine balls, lifting weights, and so much more.

One of the highlights would be seeing Carlos Hyde working with everybody else. I believe injured players are normally off doing rehab work, so I think it bodes well to see Hyde in with the rest. He had a screw put in his foot in December, but appears to be ready to go for the full workout program.

Spot anybody else of note in the video or the pictures linked above?