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Broncos trade Ryan Clady to Jets, clears cap space for Colin Kaepernick

It seems like forever since this saga began, but just when you thought things had stalled out completely, the Broncos trade OT Ryan Clady to the Jets and clear some cap space that makes a Kaepernick trade more possible

Dominoes are starting to fall in the saga that began what seems like a lifetime ago. The momentum started returning to the Kaepernick trade story when 10 year OL veteran D'Brickashaw Ferguson announced his retirement at the beginning of the weekend. The Jets would need a replacement for him and it just so turns out, the Broncos had an overage on the offensive line after picking up two offensive linemen during free agency including Russell Okung. Adam Schefter subsequently reported that the Jets and Broncos have agreed to terms that would send OT Ryan Clady and a 7th round pick to the Jets for a 5th round pick.

The Broncos, who have reportedly met with Colin Kaepernick on several occasions prior to this trade, did not have enough cap space to pay him, (just over 1 million per and it was extremely unlikely that the 49ers would help them by paying for Kaepernick to play for another team. The Clady trade clears 8.9 million in cap space and gives the Broncos a 5th round pick instead of a 7th, which seems like a win/win for them.

You can never predict what kind of dance the 49ers will do, but GM Trent Baalke loves value. If he can get enough of it from Denver, anything is possible and it will make his campaign to keep Kaepernick in San Francisco completely worthwhile, at least to him.