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Rashard Robinson says he has put on 10 pounds since February

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Scouts think 49ers rookie Rashard Robinson has solid length, but there are concerns about weight. This is a step in the right direction.

The San Francisco 49ers spent a fourth round comp pick on cornerback Rashard Robinson, and one of the big concerns was his size. He stands 6'1, but weighed in at 171 pounds at the February NFL Combine. It sounds like Robinson and his team have been working to get him into better NFL size. At the rookie minicamp, he told local media that he has put on 10 pounds since February.

Matt Barrows suggested his frame might be too small to add much more weight, with one scouting report saying there are questions about if he can build up his legs much more. But that's something for the 49ers strength staff to work on. Strength coach Mark Uyeyama is viewed as one of the best in the business, so that will provide its share of challenges for Uyeyama and his staff.

Robinson has not played in 18 months, having dealt with various suspensions. He was suspended in late 2014, and that carried over into 2015. He did not try and transfer, instead declaring for the draft after the season. Although he has been viewed as a bit under-sized in terms of weight, he has tremendous length that allows him to do solid work in press coverage on the perimeter. At the same time, there seem to be some issues of patience on the outside with head fakes.