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May 12 is big day in NFL free agency, comp pick formula

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It looks like the 49ers probably won't be getting any compensation for Anquan Boldin.

NFL free agency began two months ago, and it hits a big day this coming Thursday, May 12. That day is the date in which free agent signings will no longer count in the comp pick formula. That date used to be June 1, but the NFL bumped it up to May 12 last year. One reason it was bumped back was so that veterans could sign and still get in for May OTAs. Previously, players left to wait until June 1 got in for mandatory minicamp, and not much else.

For the 49ers, this means they are unlikely to land a comp pick for Anquan Boldin. The wide receiver remains a free agent, and while Trent Baalke has said the two sides might re-visit the situation after the draft, there is no sign anything is going to happen with that. Boldin visited Washington earlier this offseason, and was briefly connected to the New England Patriots, but I have not seen anything else. He says he will continue playing, but he understandably has no problem missing offseason workouts.

The 49ers are currently looking at one comp pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Alex Boone signed with the Minnesota Vikings, and Over The Cap projects this netting a fourth round pick. The 49ers signed Thaddeus Lewis and Zane Beadles this offseason. Lewis' contract appears to be too low to qualify. The Jacksonville Jaguars released Beadles, and released players do not count in the formula.

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