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Anthony Davis 'badly out of shape', according to Giants beat writer

It remains to be seen what's regular shape vs. football shape, but figured it is worth noting.

There's no update on Anthony Davis' status with the San Francisco 49ers, but I stumbled across this tweet recently. New York Giants beat writer Jordan Raanan was asked Monday afternoon about Davis. The Giants have a need for more offensive line help, so naturally people are wondering about Anthony Davis as a trade target (or free agent, I suppose, if he is released). Ranaan had this to say:

There have been some pictures of Davis floating around the Internet over the past year in which he looks a little smaller than when he was playing. That doesn't mean he is in football shape, but it's out there. And of course, pictures are always tough to judge without wearing pads and whatnot.

It remains to be seen what Davis' future is with the 49ers. The team added two tackles in John Theus and Fahn Cooper, and has Trenton Brown potentially leading the way at right tackle. Nobody will turn down additional depth, but the 49ers certainly don't seem overly concerned about this situation. There could be plenty going on behind the scenes, but this info from Raanan is probably the first information of any note out there.