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ESPN power rankings not too high on the 49ers post-draft

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I'm not surprised by this. Now we'll see if the perception holds up in sportsbooks!

The 2016 regular season is still four months away, but clearly that will not prevent us from looking at NFL power rankings! ESPN released their post-draft power rankings, and the San Francisco 49ers managed to drop a spot. The team ranked No. 30 in ESPN's post-free agency and post-Super Bowl power rankings. The latest rankings have them at No. 31, with only the Cleveland Browns behind them

Here's what Dan Graziano had to say:

Great news, 49ers fans! Sure, Chip Kelly was a huge flop in Philadelphia. But the current Niners roster doesn't have many really good players for him to trade away because he doesn't like them.

I'm not really surprised we are seeing this kind of perception about the 49ers. Chip Kelly is an upgrade over Jim Tomsula, but the talent questions and last year's awful performances leave a bad taste in many people's mouths. Power rankings hold no value, but they are still something we like to look at from time-to-time. And so, until the 49ers prove otherwise, the perception is not going to be pretty.

I will say that if you are a believer in Chip Kelly and the more recent draft classes, there could be some value on the betting market. The Los Angeles Rams are coming up to Levi's Stadium for season-opening Monday Night Football, and are a two-point favorite. This is a team that will be rolling out either Case Keenum or rookie Jared Goff as their starting quarterback. Plenty could change, but based on how things currently are, I would happily take the points, and honestly, I would consider the 49ers on the moneyline. The 49ers might end up having a bad season overall, but I think they could very well surprise some folks out of the gate.