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Joe Staley ranked No. 70 on PFF Top 101

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The slow drag through May, June, and July provides media with a chance to come up with all sorts of random rankings to create content. The most notable is NFL Network, which has their top 100 voted on by some pool of players. I say "some pool" because it is not entirely clear who is doing the voting, with some players stating previously that they have not voted.

PFF also does their own rankings, listing out the top 101 players. While there are plenty of reasons to disagree on PFF grading, it at least provides some semblance of a system that makes sense, at least as compared to NFL Network rankings.

They have ranked out players 26 through 101 thus far, and the San Francisco 49ers are represented by offensive tackle Joe Staley. PFF ranked him No. 70, a year after he was ranked No. 88. I am pretty sure we will not see a member of the 49ers listed in the top 25.

Here's what they had to say about Staley in their rankings:

Another solid season from San Francisco's Joe Staley, who was a fine performer over the year. Staley surrendered five sacks, and has had better seasons as a pass-blocker, but he recorded strong grades in run-blocking and on the move during screen plays. He may never return to his peak, when he was one of the best tackles in the league, if not the best for a season, but he remains a quality starter and a reliable presence for the 49ers, protecting the blindside of whomever lines up under center.

Best performance: Week 14 at Cleveland: +5.2

Key stat: Staley recorded positive grades in every area PFF measures: pass-blocking, run-blocking, screen-blocking, and penalties.

Staley signed a six-year contract back in 2014, potentially keeping him with the 49ers until 2019. The 49ers have Trenton Brown, Fahn Cooper, and John Theus competing for right tackle opportunities, but for the time being, Staley is the man on the left side. Staley turns 32 at the end of August, so he is certainly getting up there in football years. But he generally seems to remain in solid shape and plenty capable.

From a pure skill perspective, Staley should be able to finish out this contract. He certainly could see his skills drop off a cliff, but there is no indication of that at this point. The 49ers will at some point look to replace him, so that is one reason he might not make it through 2019. Odds are probably decent for that to happen given how the NFL operates. But for now, the 49ers can stick him out at left tackle, and go from there.