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Seahawks do not sign Vernon Adams to a contract after tryout

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The Vernon Adams journey to land a spot in the NFL will not end in the Pacific Northwest. The Oregon quarterback went undrafted two weeks ago, and subsequently landed a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks this past weekend. The team brought in Adams and signed UDFA Trevone Boykin to compete for a roster spot. The team decided to not sign Adams, and he will head to DC for another tryout this week.

There were plenty of San Francisco 49ers fans hoping the team would draft Adams at some point over the three-day process. Instead, he was passed up by everybody, and didn't even land a UDFA deal. Given some of the slop playing quarterback, I would think at some point he lands on a roster, but considering he didn't even get a UDFA deal, I wonder if he'll ever get a serious shot in the NFL.

And so, it is question time. I've added a poll asking if you think Adams will ever start a regular season NFL game as a quarterback. Teams try and switch more mobile quarterbacks to other positions, so maybe that happens with Adams. But looking ahead, at any point in the future (not just the 2016 season), will we ever see Adams start a regular season NFL game?