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ESPN Sports Science compares DeForest Buckner to Calais Campbell, Sherman tank, bighorn ram

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ESPN's Sports Science folks took on new San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle DeForest Buckner recently. You can watch the whole segment above, as they look at Buckner's power, vertical, and overall package of skills.

The Sports Science segments on ESPN have always been a mix of interesting and slightly comical. They look at some interesting aspects of science, but they then turn them into a more entertaining segment. They feel a little exaggerated at times, but they're interesting nonetheless.

This one is fun to watch, as we see comparisons at different points to Calais Campbell, a Sherman tank, and a bighorn ram. You actually need to watch it to see how those fit. Buckner has frequently gotten the Campbell comparison, and has even mentioned it himself before. The tank and ram comparisons deal with some of Buckner's physical attributes. Give it a watch, and enjoy!