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Jerry Jones supports idea of moving Raiders to Las Vegas

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This is not 49ers-specific, but it is still a fascinating story. Well, at least for me. The Oakland Raiders search for a new home could take them to my hometown. The team has had meetings with numerous individuals in Las Vegas, and momentum appears to be building for them to relocate to the desert.

I bring this up now because Jerry Jones appears to be in favor of the move.

This is notable because Jones was a key partner in getting a deal done to move the Rams back to Los Angeles. This does not guarantee a deal gets done, but it's a big voice in support. The gambling issue has been raised in the past, and as ridiculous as that issue is in light of this era of online gaming, it remains a potential obstacle. I think eventually sports leagues will get over it, but clearly it is taking some time.

A new stadium would be used by the Raiders, UNLV football, and a potential MLS expansion team. According to various reports about the discussions, the Raiders would contribute $500 million, Las Vegas Sands and Majestic Realty would contribute $150 million, and $750 million in hotel taxes would be diverted away from the city. I suppose congratulations could soon be in order for Las Vegas getting to join the big boy club of cities getting the short end of the stick paying a sizable chunk for a stadium. Yes, it's hotel tax money, but it's not a new tax. Instead it appears to be moving what would be existing tax revenue away from the city and into a stadium. I'm never a fan of that.

Whatever the case, this is getting more interesting each day. It was easy for Raiders fans to blow off a potential Vegas move. Now, with numbers thrown around, and a notable NFL owner getting behind the move, this thing suddenly is looking a lot more realistic. I'm still a little skeptical it ends up happening, but not nearly as skeptical as I was previously.

I remain a 49ers fan, but it's interesting to think what it would have been like having the Raiders, or any other team in my hometown as a kid. I picked the 49ers in the 80s because I was a kid, and they were good. Had I had an actual team, things would have been quite a bit different!