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PFF rates best, worst draft picks for 49ers

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The folks at Pro Football Focus put together draft grades shortly after the 2016 NFL Draft, and two weeks later, they have a look at the best and worst pick for each team. PFF gave the San Francisco 49ers a B+ for their efforts. They loved the DeForest Buckner pick, and think there was value in moving up for Joshua Garnett. They also went into some of the positives with Will Redmond, and their various day three picks.

The look at best and worst draft picks included an obvious one for best pick. I think most people are pretty high on the Buckner pick, so it is no surprise they listed Buckner as the team's best pick. They had this to say about the pick:

Buckner was one of the few players in the class we viewed as a sure thing. Buckner was easily the highest-graded interior lineman in football last season, and did equally well against both the run and the pass.

For the worst pick, PFF went with cornerback Will Redmond. They had this to say:

We had a fourth-round grade on Redmond and he went in the third. There wasn't much to complain about San Francisco's 2016 draft from a value standpoint.

Rashard Robinson has not played in 18 months, but they liked his length and speed. As a fourth round comp pick, there is the potential for some nice value there. If Redmond is good to go at the start of training camp, we'll get a good idea of his value pretty quickly. Trent Baalke was particularly emphatic that Redmond would be available, more so than with any other ACL All Star. But I think it is easy to still be at least a little skeptical about it given the 49ers history with ACL injuries and the draft.

It's hard to say two weeks after the draft what was the best or worst. However, if I were to say what has the potential to be the worst pick, the Robinson pick is high on my list. There's raw physical tools, but not playing football in 18 months is kind of a big deal. Any of the picks could not pan out, but this one seems the most likely of the first few rounds to be an issue.