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Throwback Thursday: Colin Kaepernick on Sports Science

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It seems like so long ago that Colin Kaepernick was considered the person that would revolutionize the game of football as we know it. The next big thing unfortunately became a flavor of the week. For now anyways.

After I got a look at the DeForest Buckner Sports Science video, it made me recall Kaepernick's appearance on the show, so to YouTube I go! And what do you know? Here it is, in good quality, without a secondary device (phone, camcorder, etc.) recording it.

And this video is just hilarious. Look, I'm not for or against Kap, I'm for things to talk about, but this is definitely blowing things wayyyyyy out of proportion. Things like touch and accuracy are allocated to Kaepernick as his primary strengths while his speed seems to only be a distant secondary attribute. Yes, you read that right, touch, accuracy, and Colin Kaepernick are mentioned in the same sentence without criticism.

As for watching this now, it's amazing how things change so fast for some athletes. It's fascinating what changes when you have a competent O-line and coaching. The former left Kaepernick  for two seasons and the latter, by all accounts, was a step down last year. Now that both of those things have been somewhat addressed, perhaps we see a return to the dominant freak we saw in this game?

As for what this is right now and considering the issues Kaepernick has had the last couple of years, I feel like I'm watching a bad SNL skit.