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Trenton Brown, DuJuan Harris, Chip Kelly all enjoying Sharks hockey

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The San Jose Sharks defeated the Nashville Predators Thursday evening to clinch a spot in the Western Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs. They will face the St. Louis Blues in Game 1 on Sunday.

Members of the San Francisco 49ers have spent plenty of time enjoying Bay Area playoff action, whether it be Sharks hockey or Golden State Warriors basketball, and there were some folks in attendance for Thursday's Sharks game. Trent Baalke is friends with Doug Wilson, and I would not be at all surprised to hear he was at the game. Additionally, DuJuan Harris tweeted out this picture of Trenton Brown from the game. Brown is a big dude, so I can see him needing all kinds of space:

Head coach Chip Kelly had a chance to talk Sharks and Warriors during his KNBR interview Friday morning. He went to a first round Sharks game, but it doesn't sound like he was at Game 7. He clearly pays attention to other sports, as seen in his ability to drop various nuggets during the interview. Here's what he had to say.

On Bay Area sports, and if he's checked out Sharks or Warriors in playoffs:

Oh yea, fan of both of them. I met Doug Wilson a couple times, the general manager of the Sharks. I went to one of the Kings playoff games. It's an unbelievable environment to watch a game in. Was extremely excited last night with the 5-0 victory. And you can't help but be a fan of what the Warriors are doing. It's just so exciting to watch. To see Portland get close and get within two, and then Curry hits a shot that, I mean you can't figure out how he gets it off, and it's in. It'll be exciting because OKC is a good team, too. So I think that matchup will be a lot of fun to watch. I'm just a fan of sports, you've got to get excited about that one.

On Blazers fans and the culture up in Portland:

They do. And you've got to give them credit. They lost four starters from last year's team, and made it as deep as they did in the playoffs. I thought Terry Stotts did a great job with that team. He really did a good job with that team.

Now the great part about being a fan and being in the Bay Area, you now get to see Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook come in to play against Thompson, and Curry, and Draymond. It's going to be a lot of fun.

On calling in as "Chip in Santa Clara" talking any Bay Area sports:

The best part about this is I'm a fan. So I've seen the other side when people think they know what's going on in a sport, and try to lend their expertise analysis of it. I don't go to a basketball game or a to hockey game and say they should have done this, ‘I didn't like the neutral-zone traps that Doug was running here,' or, ‘They're doing dump-and-run and we need our defensemen to flip their hips quicker.'" I just go as a fan.

Murph talks about Chip dropping hockey knowledge, asks if Bobby Orr scoring against the Blues is his reference point:

Yea, that was Bobby Orr, he scored against the Blues.

On if he was Ray Bourque-era Bruins fan:

I liked Ray Bourque. Hell of a guy. Remember when he gave his jersey number up to Espo?

Mac explains that story. They joke about having him on regularly to talk Bay Area sports, then thank him for appearing:

No problem. Chip from Santa Clara signing out.