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49ers exact win total: Which of these wagers would you take?

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The San Francisco 49ers have exceedingly low expectations heading into the 2016 NFL season with the LV SuperBook installing them at 6 wins in their over/under option. It is not surprising given the many questions on the roster. Chip Kelly is a significant improvement over Jim Tomsula, but with questions at quarterback and plenty of roster development to figure out, it makes sense why Vegas would be looking low.

We have another win total number that I thought was worth sharing. The South Point Race & Sports Book released exact win total wagers this week. These wagers provide an opportunity to bet on the team winning X, Y, or Z amount of games, or the field. For the 49ers, you can bet on exactly 5 wins, exactly 6 wins, exactly 7 wins, and the Field. The odds break down as follows:

Exactly 5 wins: 5/1
Exactly 6 wins: 9/2
Exactly 7 wins: 5/1
Field: -180

Considering six is the win total installed at LV SuperBook, I'm not surprised that's getting the lowest odds. I'm inclined to stay away from an exact win total, but 7 wins is certainly tempting. The 49ers won five games under Jim Tomsula. They dealt with a ton of injuries, and a highly questionable head coach. I think I'm being optimistic in thinking seven wins would be the number, but I don't see it as the worst wager in the world.