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One anti-doping official thinks Jarryd Hayne might be ineligible to participate in 2016 Rio Olympics

The World Anti-Doping Agency is apparently looking to pour some cold water on Jarryd Hayne's Olympic hopes. Hayne announced his retirement from American football to pursue a shot with the Fiji Rugby Seven team as they look to bring home Olympic gold this summer in Rio De Janeiro. Hayne was offered a tryout with the team, but it turns out, drug testing might be an issue.

The former chief of Australia's anti-doping authority said that Hayne might have to spend at least six months in a registered drug-testing pool before he is allowed to compete in any professional sport. The NFL does not comply with WADA standards, which is a problem. He tweeted the following:

I would think this issue would have been addressed, but maybe not. The big question now is how they will get this squared away. It is possible he will be ruled ineligible for the Olympics, but I have a hunch they work something out. Whether it be more frequent testing, or something else, I would be surprised if Hayne ended up not participating in the Olympics. Well, he could end up not making the team, but aside from that, I think they work their way around this somehow.