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Falcons to have $2 soda, hot dogs, pop corn, $5 beer options at new stadium

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This is pretty cool of the Atlanta Falcons. The team is opening their new stadium in 2017, and for the first few years at least, they will be offering substantially reduced prices on various concessions. The Falcons announced the following price points:

  • $2 - Non-alcoholic beverage products with unlimited free refills (at freestanding refill stations)
  • $2 - Dasani bottled water; hot dogs; pretzels; popcorn
  • $3 - Peanuts; pizza; nachos; waffle fries
  • $5 - 12 oz. domestic beer

To help with the unlimited soda option, they will have self-serve soda stations away from the concession stands.

One thing to keep in mind is that Atlanta-based Coca-Cola is probably a significant sponsor, along with holding pouring rights. The Falcons are likely being heavily subsidized through some kind of sponsorship deal. I have no problem with that at all, but we should at least keep that in mind.

According to the article linked above, the prices will be in effect for Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United (MLS) games, as well as "major events" including the Peach Bowl, college football national championship (2018), and the 2020 NCAA Men's Final Four. I imagine pricing will be different for concerts and other events.

Whatever the subsidy, and whatever the length of this pricing, this is still pretty cool of the Falcons. I'm not holding my breath for other teams to do this (CC: Jed York), but hopefully this puts at least a little pressure on sports franchises to cut back on the ridiculous pricing we see at venues. It's absurd the kind of price gouging we see at sporting events.