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Vernon Adams negotiating with CFL team for contract

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Vernon Adams wrapped up his second rookie minicamp tryout last week with Washington, and as with his Seattle Seahawks tryout, he walked away without a contract. Now that rookie minicamps are over, he appears set to take his talents to the Canadian Football League. He is currently negotiating with the BC Lions to compete for a third-string QB role. The Lions drafted him in the annual CFL draft last week, and thus hold his rights.

Adams spoke with an ESPN writer following his tryout with Washington, and sounds excited to be able to compete for an opportunity in Canada:

"I could be like a Warren Moon or Doug Flutie," he said of former NFL quarterbacks who played in the CFL. "All I need is a chance. ... If they can stop looking at my height and give me a chance they'd get a teammate with a lot of energy and a great leader."

Adams could very well end up disappearing off the radar, but it makes sense to head north to try and build a professional career. Best of luck to Adams as he tries to develop his career in the CFL.