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49ers tied with Rams for third-heaviest offensive line

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Professional football players are growing bigger and bigger, and the 49ers offensive line added some serious beef in 2016. Over at SB Nation, Adam Stites put together a ranking of the average weight and height of each offensive line in the league, and the 49ers are tied for third with the Los Angeles Rams at 322.8 pounds. All the lines average heights are between 6'4 and 6'6, so there is not as much to take from that. The 49ers average height is 6'5.

I am struggling to find this information for any prior season, but according to this article, the 49ers average weight last year was 310.9 pounds. That was No. 21 in the league. This offseason, the team signed free agent Zane Beadles and drafted Joshua Garnett out of Stanford, while Alex Boone walked in free agency. However, the big change in the average weight is Trenton Brown slotted in at right tackle. He is listed at 355 pounds, but that was his Combine weight, and he is believed to have lost weight since then.

The starting lines are based on Rotoworld's projections. They can be inaccurate, but for the 49ers, they list Joe Staley, Zane Beadles, Daniel Kilgore, Joshua Garnett, and Trenton Brown. We won't know the official line for a while now, but that is as good a guess as you're going to get.

Weight is always guess-work since we never see anything particularly official. But, the 49ers will have a pretty sizable offensive line. I wish I could find more information about Chip Kelly teams in Philadelphia. There is a necessary athleticism, and I would be curious to see if he focused more on slightly slimmer linemen with the Eagles.

Whatever the case, the question will be which of the big guys can maneuver around as needed when the 49ers are using more zone blocking techniques. Chip Kelly has said the team will use a variety of blocking techniques, and when we spoke with LeCharles Bentley, he talked about some of the interchangeability between the schemes. I guess we'll soon find out how well big Trenton Brown moves around out there!