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NFL Instagram chooses amusing picture for "Marino Monday"

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The NFL Instagram account has been putting together theme days lately, focusing on a given player, event, or whatever else to provide social media content. On Monday, they decided to focus on Dan Marino, using the hashtag #MarinoMondays. They posted a couple pictures, and this is definitely my favorite. It includes the phrase "When you're Super Bowl-Bound" as Marino looks plenty happy.

When you're Super Bowl-Bound... #MarinoMondays : Maggie McGinley/AP

A photo posted by @nfl on

Of course, I'm also pretty sure that means this is Dan heading to Palo Alto for Super Bowl XIX. We all know how that game ended. The 49ers thumped the Dolphins 38-16, and the Dolphins have not returned to the Super Bowl since.

I retweeted that picture, asking what Marino's expression was after the game, and got a few amusing responses (naturally had to get someone to make Crying Jordan). Feel free to caption and photoshop away on this picture!