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Marcus Lattimore graduates, would change nothing about knee injuries

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Former San Francisco 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore had a big achievement two weekends ago, as he walked across the stage to receive his South Carolina diploma. Lattimore returned to South Carolina when he retired from football, and after doing work as an ambassador at the school, he finished up his degree.

ESPN had a great feature on Lattimore earlier today. The one-time running back had a chance to chime in on a variety of running backs around college football, as well as some NFL backs. He joked about being able to critique everybody now that he does not play. He spoke about how he feels since the injuries and his retirement, and says he would not change a thing:

"Life is a little bit more enjoyable now because of what I've been through," Lattimore said. "... I wouldn't change a thing that happened -- put those knee injuries back in my life. I'm such a better person, overall. I'm wiser and I'm grateful for every single day that I get out of bed and I can walk, and I can run if I want to. The little things, they matter a little bit more than they did in the past."

In 2013, Lattimore used $15,000 of his signing bonus to create the Marcus Lattimore Foundation. He created the foundation to help high school athletes who might have trouble paying for treatment and rehab for major injuries. It also provides college and life preparation, discussing things like NCAA rules, SAT and ACT prep, working with guidance counselors, prepping for job interviews, building a resume, and plenty of other life skills.

Lattimore has made a bit of a return to football. The NCAA said he could not serve as an assistant coach due to his foundation. Instead, he is now serving as an assistant coach with the varsity football team at Heathwood High in Columbia, South Carolina. Give the article a read to learn more about what Lattimore is up to these days.