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Chip Kelly: Colin Kaepernick not medically cleared, not falling behind in 49ers QB competition

The 49ers QB competition continues, and we likely will not see a real emergence until later in training camp.

It should surprise nobody that the first question presented to San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly was about quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kelly was asked about Kap's status, and he confirmed what we generally knew: Kaepernick has not been medically cleared to full participate in practice. He is throwing in rehab with a medical trainer, and he is going through the motions during practice reps, but he is not yet fully cleared.

Kelly did state that Kap is not falling behind just because he is not a full participant in practice. He talked about how there is no "behind" at this point since this is the first day going against the opposing defense. He said Kap has been great in the classroom, and has a great grasp of what the offense is doing. He said, "I'm really impressed by both Blaine and him and their intelligence and being able to pick up what we're trying to do."

Kelly was asked about having a timetable for deciding on his quarterback. He said you can't force the situation, and instead need to let it develop organically. Tuesday marks the first of nine days of OTAs over the next three weeks. That will be followed by a three-day mandatory minicamp. Then, the players go their separate ways until the start of training camp at the end of July. When camp arrives, the 49ers will have 15 days of practice before their first preseason game. We'll get a much better idea of who is getting what first team work at that point.