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49ers offensive line depth chart without Joshua Garnett at OTAs

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The 49ers offensive line is mostly settled, but one likely starter is not allowed to participate in practice yet. We take a look at the day 1 depth chart.

The San Francisco 49ers had excellent attendance at Tuesday's OTA session, with only two players absent. Ian Williams is continuing his ankle rehab elsewhere, while Joshua Garnett is not allowed to practice until Stanford final exams wrap up in early June.

Garnett's absence means the full offensive line is not on hand. However, most of it is, and we can start to get a handle on where players are situated in the depth chart. The most notable is that Erik Pears is getting the start at right tackle, while Trenton Brown is working with the second team. Garnett's absence has Brandon Thomas playing with the first team offense. I would have thought Pears might handle that role with Brown at right tackle, but that is not how the 49ers are starting things. This is only one day of practice, so we'll obviously need to take things with a grain of salt.

The rookies spent their time on the third string, which consistently of three UDFAs and the two fifth round picks. Colin Kelly, an offensive lineman the 49ers picked up from the CFL, played left tackle with the second team line. He would seem to be competing for a swing tackle role at this point, but we'll see if he gets any time at right tackle during the offseason workout program.

Here's the full depth chart from Tuesday's practice.