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It seems Bruce Miller is truly no longer a fullback

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This is not breaking news, but it is good to get further confirmation of what is going on.

In case there was any question, it appears Bruce Miller has in fact transitioned out of his fullback role. He is officially out of the running backs room.

Miller had previous experience lining up in different positions besides just fullback. That provides important experience for a role that goes beyond just "tight end." I imagine Miller will operate in an h-back role that will include splitting out wide, lining up on the line, and occasionally coming out of the backfield. Chip Kelly's offense uses one back fairly regularly, so the traditional fullback role is no longer all that necessary. I imagine we might see a fullback once in a while, but Miller's best chance of both making the roster and providing an impact is to switch over to a more extensive role.

Jennifer Chan will have more on this later in the week, but for now, Ryan Sakamoto has some video worth watching related to Miller.