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Falcons vs. 49ers: A concession stand price point comparison

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Atlanta Falcon's owner Arthur Blank just became a trailblazer in stadium concession stand concepts and pricing, but will any other franchises follow suit?

The Atlanta Falcons will be moving into their new home in 2017 but the team is already getting some great PR for Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Team owner Arthur Blank announced a slightly revolutionary pricing plan that should satisfy fan's appetites without sending them home with empty pockets. It's not revolutionary in the items available, but rather in the pricing for those items, not to mention refills. Yes, you read that correctly, refills (easy, it's on soda).

Criticisms of the San Francisco 49ers home, Levi's Stadium, are similar to criticisms of most new stadiums around the league. The cost of seat licensing, tickets, parking and refreshments add up to a pill that's not easy to swallow when you're trying to take a family of four to an event. Blank listened to the NFL's Voice of the Fan survey and decided to make changes to what is the lowest rated aspect of the fan experience by almost every measure. With the new price points, a family of four should be able to eat at an event for around $28.

The price points are in whole dollars to make it easier and more efficient. Soda refill stations will be separate from concession stands to eliminate congestion. There will be a 65 percent increase of the number of point of sale locations as well as an increase in prep locations to ensure freshness and speed of service. There is no mention of delivery options as there are in Santa Clara, but similar to Levi's there is mention of higher end food options for those who don't mind spending a little more.

Given the pricing difference, it is worth comparing the prices at the Falcons new stadium with those at the 49ers stadium. There is certainly plenty of context to consider. But the Falcons apparently were able to work this out with their concession company partner, Levy Restaurants. Had it been their own internal concessions, I could see how this would be easier, but Levy is one of the big names in concessions. If those two can work out a deal, I would think other teams (hello, 49ers) could potentially try and work out something as well.

It's a great gesture by Atlanta to lead the way in improving the fan experience, but we won't see it in full action until 2017. Hopefully other teams in all sports will follow their example in providing affordable options at sporting events for their loyal fans. Now, if there were just some suggestions for the sunny side of the stadium....

Proposed menu choices, prices - Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

$2 items

  1. refillable soda
  2. pretzel
  3. hot dog
  4. Dasani bottle of water
  5. popcorn

$3 items

  1. peanuts
  2. waffle fries
  3. slice of pizza
  4. nachos with cheese

$4 item

  1. souvenir refillable soda cup

$5 items

  1. cheeseburger
  2. domestic draft beer

$6 item

  1. chicken tender basket with fries

Levi's Stadium pricing via App

$4 items

  1. varieties of Frito Lays chips

$5 item

  1. Aquafina bottled water

$6 items

  1. bottled soda
  2. bottled gatorade
  3. candy (m&ms, redvines etc.)
  4. all beef or vegetarian hot dog
  5. peanuts
  6. nachos with cheese

$7 item

  1. bavarian pretzel

$7.50 item

  1. popcorn

$10 items

  1. domestic bottled beer
  2. wine
  3. champagne

$11 items

  1. Shock Top
  2. Bud Light Premium