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Daniel Kilgore retweets Blaine Gabbert, Sam Bradford comparison

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The San Francisco 49ers are expected to have a fairly robust quarterback competition between Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick. This all came following an offseason in which Kap requested a trade. Later, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford requested a trade, and that had plenty of people thinking Chip Kelly would be interested.

Bradford remains in Philadelphia, knowing he will eventually lose his job to Carson Wentz. Odds are pretty good Bradford will be released sometime next year, and depending on what is going on in San Francisco, we can do the Bradford/Kelly dance once again.

Mid-day on Wednesday, 49ers center Daniel Kilgore had an interesting retweet. ESPN's NFL coverage tweeted out a comparison of Sam Bradford and Blaine Gabbert, showing similar numbers, but a drastically different salary number. I've posted a screenshot below, and you can see the little mention of "Daniel Kilgore Retweeted."

There is a frequent saying in Twitter bios that "Retweets are not endorsements." I thought of that immediately upon seeing Kilgore's retweet. The whole thing is just social media silliness, but it cracks me up when 49ers players retweet random things like this.

Daniel Kilgore retweet