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Eric Rogers talked about how past experiences and leagues brought him to the NFL

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The star CFL-player-turned-49er spoke to the media on Tuesday. He talked about his odyssey to the NFL, a comp to Jordan Matthews, and size. Here is the full transcript, and you can watch the video here.

How much of an adjustment has it been for you? The width of the field, hash-marks, all that stuff?

Well you know, I've been playing this game since 1999, since six. So I would say it was an adjustment to go learn a new game in the CFL, With new rules and stuff like that than to come back down and adjust back here, it's like second nature.

There are so many numbers at the position and such little experience among the group, what stands out to you?

A lot of different body types, a lot of different skill sets. We got a lot of talent in the room and we all bring different pros and cons to the game. And it depicts many make the team will stick around.

When you think back to camp with the Cowboys, what's the difference between then and now?

A lot more confidence. Using all my experience, that experience with the Cowboys, experience in the Arena Football League, experience in the CFL, bringing it all together, it definitely helped and I'm glad I went the long route.

Arena League, you went to a division III school, it isn't what NFL players usually have on their resume. Did at any point, you say, "I'm probably not going to play in the NFL"

When I went to college, I wasn't planning on having this opportunity. It all kind of worked its way out as it usually does. I always told myself, when I got that opportunity going to play football for as long as I can in any league that wants me. I'm here now, and I'm trying to stick around for awhile.

Have you talked to Michael Wilhoite about his story?

No, I'll have to get that.  I tried to block him today and I couldn't. I don't want to talk to him right now.

You know this is Warriors country [note: Rodgers was wearing a Los Angeles Lakers hat]?

Oh you know Lakers are going to get that draft lottery pick today, that's why I'm wearing the hat.

Can you talk about your size, being 6'3 and how that's going to help you differentiate yourself?

I'm a big long, lanky guy and long legs, long arms. I try to pick up the ball at the highest point and use my body to ward off defenders. I kind of catch with my hands as much as possible and I definitely bring that different skillset to the receiver core.

I think [49ers QB Jeff] Driskel threw one up to you today on the left side. Is that something that you just throw the ball up and, "I'll go get it" ?

Oh yeah, when the ball's in the air it's mine and I don't like a negative play. I'd rather come down with it and be complete than a DB come down with it.

During this opportunity what in your game personally do you want improved?

Quick twitch and separation especially when using my moves off the line and top of my routes and stuff like that. I can see in  the film when I review film. I'm getting better at it, I'm progressing, but I'm definitely not where I want to be.

Do you look at the Eagle's recent offenses, do you look at Jordan Matthews, and say, "similar size to this guy, I can do some of the things he did in that offense"?

Coach Bicknell [49ers' Wide Receiver Coach Bob Bicknell] reminds us of how well they did in offense in terms of offensive production the last three years. I don't really try to compare myself to anybody, I try to just bring my own flavor to it, but we still have similar size. He played a lot of the slot and I don't know where I'll be playing or where they want me, but wherever it is, I'll try to be productive.

You've been doing mostly outside so far?

Yeah, mostly outside.

Nobody knows what the quarterback situation is going to turn out to be, how do you get comfortable with a bunch of different guys when you don't know who's going to be there?

I don't really know. When we go fast paced, I just look and run, and when the ball's coming, I catch it. I kinda look back like, "ok, that was a good ball so I'll go say what's up." But I really don't know who's the quarterback in, when I'm in until after the play usually or when I watch film so