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Darren Sproles sort of denies he is looking for new contract

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The Philadelphia Eagles seem to have an issue right now, with running back Darren Sproles skipping the team's offseason workout program. On Tuesday, we heard that the Eagles received calls during the draft about Sproles, and the parties are figuring out whatever it is exactly that they need to figure out. Chip Kelly said he had not heard from the Eagles, but that obviously does not preclude Trent Baalke from talking to the Eagles.

There have been some reports suggesting Sproles is looking for a new long-term deal. He is signed through this season, earning $3.5 million in base salary, and $100,000 in various bonus money. On Wednesday night, Sproles shot back:

He technically is not holding out from OTAs because they are voluntary. And there could be plenty else going on, of which we are not aware. For now, he is away from the team, and we don't know what they are trying to do to rectify this situation, if there is even a serious situation to clean up.

The 49ers could use more running back depth, and Sproles could add an intriguing element to the passing game. However, I think we see the 49ers look to Bruce Ellington and maybe DuJuan Harris as guys who will get an opportunity for that kind of work. Ellington likely has a better shot of developing this kind of role, but either way, I don't see the team acquiring Darren Sproles anytime soon.